Might Is Not Right



There is a way to rescue life on earth. The original people of North America remember when the great law was respect for all life and, correspondingly, when the "rule of law" signified this understanding would prevent the despoliation onto universal death.

The constitutional law of the newcomers undertook to respect the original people and, by necessary implication, the life on earth that is one with them, but then in the 1870s the malignancy of modern capitalism unmitigated by respect took over and the new imperialism replaced constitutional democracy under the rule of law. In the result Life is now on the brink of the abyss.

The way, then, to rescue life on earth is to rescue the true law of the constitution from the false law of imperialism, which entails first rescuing the rule of law with the perfect court case brought by original people at the heart of the empire. The case for this particular purpose is identified at http://mightisnotright.org/.

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The die was cast in terms of the constitutional recognition of Indian tribal sovereignty and its corresponding court remedy in North America in 1704 when Queen Anne commissioned a Standing Trial Level Sub-Committee of the Appellate Level Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) with independent and impartial third-party court jurisdiction over boundary disputes between sovereign crown and Indian tribal governments in the case of Mohegan Indians v. Connecticut (1704-1776) (Case Court Document 2 p.20). Thus when a delegation of three Mohawk and a Mahican Ambassador and Public Minister visited Her Majesty in 1710 they diplomatically were received as "Indian Kings" and the famous portraits reproduced in the banner were commissioned as such. That was then. The second reproduction is now. The legal point of the case is that while the constitutional law has been continuous since at least 1704 the attitude of the judicial branch of newcomer government has gone from respect and protection to contempt and genocide, without justification, solely by means of the judicial obstruction and ignoring of the constitution, since 1871, in abrogation of constitutional democracy under the rule of law, in aid of stealing the Indians' land, rather than continuing to make valid treaties for it as required by the constitution. 

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